EveryMundo has partnered with Uplift to display affordable monthly payments airModules. By offering flexible payment solutions airlines can enable customers to book their travel now and pay over time. With this integration, low monthly payments are displayed next to the real-time fares within each airModule. Low monthly payment options help airlines work within every traveler’s budget so they can reach new customers and convert more business. With a convenient, pay-over-time option, customers are more likely to book right away to lock-in the perfect itinerary and attractive price.​ When purchased using fixed monthly payments, trip add-ons and upgrades become much more affordable, increasing the average booking amount.



EveryMundo airModules display the lowest real-time fares for any route or set or routes an airline wants to promote. By adding payment plans via Uplift, airlines can turn their customer’s dream vacation into a reality by spreading the cost of their trip into low monthly payments. Airlines are paid in full upon booking, with no chargebacks or fraud risk, and airline customers will appreciate low interest rates, no late fees and no early payment penalties. Uplift has designed their flexible payment solution exclusively for the travel industry by seasoned technologists and digital marketers, with more than 170 customers using their solution.

Make it easy for customers to book now and pay later for their air travel with payment plans in airModules. Contact [email protected] to learn more.