Our annual International Women’s Day Summit brings together women who are leading in business and technology to share their experiences and recognize the impact women are making across industries. This year we held the event virtually, but were still able to connect with several inspiring women who led a series of sessions on women’s empowerment in business and in their communities.

The event began with keynote speakers who shared their stories of growth, challenges, and success as women leading in their industries. After the speakers, we broke out into smaller group sessions moderated topic:

  • Why is mentorship important for a successful career?
  • How can we ensure everyone is given equal opportunity in the workplace?
  • Breaking barriers; Tackling unconscious gender biases and stereotypes
  • How to foster a culture of inclusiveness in the workplace

Some examples of gender discrimination in a workplace that were discussed:

  • Performance review biasness
  • Gender bias in interview questions and job descriptions
  • Discriminating against pregnant women
  • Career advancement bias
  • Perks and benefits affecting genders
  • Sexual harassment in the workplace

EveryMundo’s pledge to our employees:

Regardless of gender, sexual orientation or expression, all EveryMundo employees have equal opportunities for mentorship, growth, and advancement in their careers. As an organization that is roughly 50/50 male female, as well as a significant percentage of immigrants to the U.S., we recognize that diversity is our greatest strength. We strive to create a work environment that will enable employees to be fully empowered to pursue their goals and will continue to look for new ways we can offer support and inclusion in our company.

At the conclusion on the event, all participants took a pledge to #ChooseToChallenge gender stereotypes and call out gender bias and inequality.