airWire Delivery

What to expect before, during, and after launching airWire

airWire is a fully-hosted collection of APIs that allow airline marketers to easily deploy real-time fare and flight information into their digital marketing channels (display, social, paid search, email), aligned with airTRFX landing pages.

The airWire API takes key flight and fare information from FareNet to keep your dynamic ads updated in real-time. These ads ensure customers are seeing your best available fares for routes, and can be individually customized to display routes from each customer’s home airport and routes they have previously searched.

EveryMundo airWire API

Live Ad powered by airWire

Product Delivery Timeline

airWire is prepared and deployed in 5 phases with minimal efforts of airline teams. Below find the topics covered in each phase.

Phase 1: Kick-off

Key contacts

  • Airline
  • Agency
  • EveryMundo

EM to introduce airWire

  • Product intro
  • Fare update process
  • Delivery guide (implementation considerations)

EM to present use cases

  • Examples
Phase 2: Logic Definition

Airline to define campaign

  • Markets and currencies
  • Languages and currencies (one feed per combination)
  • Campaign overview

EM to define specifics

  • API logic
  • Matching landing pages and trip type

Airline to acknowledge the Delivery guide was received and processed

Phase 3: Development and Training

EM to develop API

Airline to develop campaign assets

  • Creatives
  • Dynamic ads
  • Non-fare (fallback) ads
  • Copies
  • Legal T&C
Phase 4: API and Best Practices Delivery

EM to deliver API and documentation

  • Delivery guide (implementation considerations)
  • Product delivery and sample request
  • Best practices: fallback ads, update frequency
Phase 5: Campaign, ads and creatives

Airline to connect API to Display ads platform

Airline to test API

Airline to sign Product Acceptance Form

EveryMundo Responsibilities

  • Develop and host airWire API
  • Real-time updates of fares on the API based on real searches
  • Deliver implementation guidelines and best practices documents
    • Delivery guide (implementation considerations)
    • Possible response errors
    • Suggested landing page strategy
  • QA API responses

We are with you every step of the way throughout the implementation process and beyond. Learn more about working with EveryMundo.


Airline / Agency / Display Partner Responsibilities

  • Connect airWire API to Display ads platform
  • Define frequency of price updates: Every hour, real time, etc.
  • Campaign, ads, and API QA
  • Set up and manage campaigns
    • Strategy
    • Ads with dynamic fares and regular non-fare ads (fallback)
    • Creatives and copy; define placement of the dynamic fare
    • Legal Terms and Conditions
    • Landing page URL (matching page suggested by EM)
  • Serve ads – dynamic and non-fare


Ongoing Support

During the Delivery Process:

  • EveryMundo team members will be available via Zoom conference for 60-minutes once per week during the implementation calls.
  • For emergencies, EveryMundo team members can schedule phone calls besides the weekly implementation calls.
  • Communication outside of the weekly implementation calls should be documented via Basecamp.
    • Basecamp is a project management tool which allows both customer and EveryMundo invitees to document requirements, questions and/or clarifications, and decisions made throughout the product delivery process.

Support available post-delivery:

24/7 Product support:

  • Report bugs or submit change requests
  • Request accesses to airTRFX Control
  • Suggest changes
  • airTRFX Control or Product Configuration related questions (How to…)

Customer Success Specialists:

  • Schedule calls with Customer Success team as needed to discuss product usage roadmap and track progress, ask questions related to strategic usage of product, and general discussions
  • Will respond to Basecamp messages within 48 hours
  • Other teams will be involved as needed

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