Digital Fare Marketing Technology to Drive Web Traffic, Boost Brand Awareness and Loyalty

Norse Atlantic Airways Partners with EveryMundo for Enhanced Fare Marketing Technology

Norse Atlantic Airways has selected EveryMundo, a PROS (NYSE: PRO) Company, as its provider of fare marketing technology.  They have chosen EveryMundo’s products, airTRFX and airSEM, to enhance their fare marketing technology. Additionally, the provided tools will automatically generate real-time landing pages and execute search engine marketing campaigns. These efforts aim to drive website traffic and ultimately enhance direct sales for Norse Atlantic Airways.

Seth Cassel, Co-President of EveryMundo, expressed, “EveryMundo is excited that Norse Atlantic has chosen to utilize our fare marketing technology. EveryMundo will collaborate closely with Norse Atlantic, just as they have successfully done for over 90 previous customers. This collaboration aims to ensure that Norse Atlantic achieves the anticipated results from their airTRFX and airSEM products. They will actively acquire customers and expand their direct channel.”

Norse Atlantic Airways: Pioneering Low-Cost International Travel with EveryMundo

Norse Atlantic Airways, headquartered in Arendal, Norway, is a startup low-cost international airline. They will operate flights between Europe and the United States, including routes to London, Paris, Fort Lauderdale, New York City, Orlando, and Los Angeles. The airline’s goal is to provide budget-friendly travel opportunities for passengers interested in exploring different continents. They plan to achieve this using modern and eco-friendly Boeing 787 Dreamliners for their flights. Moreover, as a new airline, Norse Atlantic must quickly establish brand awareness and recognition to drive bookings. Norse will gain the ability to directly acquire customers through EveryMundo’s digital marketing technology. This includes real-time fare landing pages, advertisements, emails, and other effective strategies.

Adrian Keating, VP of Sales Marketing and Distribution at Norse Atlantic Airways, stated, “We are delighted to collaborate with EveryMundo to boost website traffic and enhance direct sales. As a new airline, Norse Atlantic Airways has recently commenced ticket sales between Oslo and the United States. Also, their top priority is to consistently raise awareness about their budget-friendly fares and enticing destinations. We have confidence that our close partnership with EveryMundo will enable us to expand our customer base as we unveil new destinations in the future.”

Elevating Customer Engagement: EveryMundo’s Dynamic Landing Pages and Search Marketing Solutions

Our airTRFX automatically generates landing pages for Norse on a large scale, featuring real-time prices in the currencies and languages the airline serves. In addition, when a route list is uploaded, airTRFX generates pages for each route, destination, and event included in the list. If Norse Atlantic wishes to promote special offers, themes, regions, or special events, the airline can create custom pages with real-time prices.

airSEM, EveryMundo’s suite of search marketing tools allows for the end-to-end automated management of airline paid search accounts, including the insertion of real-time fare prices. Customers see real-time fares in marketing ads, scaled campaigns, algorithmic bid management, and timed promotion management. Also, this tool also enhances the airline’s ad positioning on Google and boosts quality scores. As a result of improved ad positioning, Norse Atlantic will experience increased click-through rates, conversion rates, and overall revenue.

Both products offered by EveryMundo will empower Norse Atlantic to boost website traffic. Additionally, this will be achieved by connecting the landing pages to their search engine marketing campaigns, effectively sharing real-time fare information with their targeted customer base.