Release Date: May 31, 2017


WYSIWYG Improvements

  • Image Padding: New Advance section in the Insert/edit image window. Users can now directly edit Style, Vertical Space, Horizontal Space, and Border.
  • JavaScript: When adding JavaScript to the WYSIWYG, the editor no longer automatically adds or requires <p> tags.

WYSIWYG Enhancement

Currency Thousands/Decimal Separator

  • airTRFX system can now display commas and decimals when displaying prices. Additionally, this can be edited or removed upon client request.

Social Sharing Buttons Enabled

  • Social Sharing module allows users to share airTRFX pages to their respective Social Media platforms. Module also includes SMS and email (forms are in English only).
  • Clients have the capability add, remove, or rearrange module on each template.
  • Clients must request to turn on module. Additionally, client must decide which Social Media platforms to display.
  • Available on all page templates

Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

Please contact EveryMundo for questions or assistance with any of these airTRFX updates.