In our current digital age, there is a seemingly infinite amount of data and almost as many ways to obtain and process it. The airline industry is no exception; it receives an enormous amount of data that is not only challenging to process and store but also challenging to interpret and comprehend Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This is where data analytics can be used to not only create eye-catching visuals and charts but to also provide key insights and uncover meaningful trends which can enhance business operations and revenue.

EveryMundo’s IBE Dashboard

The Actionable Internet Booking Engine (IBE) Dashboard uses FareNet data to visualize user search data in a way that can be analyzed to make data-driven business decisions. The IBE Dashboard evaluates the route performance based on User Data obtained from Internet Booking Engine and allows airlines to see their performance using a variety of metrics.

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The IBE dashboard leverages a closed-loop analysis that provides users with a clear understanding of the historical performance and guides the restructuring profit-focused decisions. Using FareNet™, every decision will be based on reliable data analysis and precise statistical extrapolations

By examining the IBE Dashboard, users can draw actions with the help of labels based on variations in performance: Push – Increase Efforts, Reduce – Decrease Efforts, or Keep As Is – current efforts are sufficient. These labels are computed based on variations and correlations in Searches, Fare, and Revenue for every route. For example, the decreasing route popularity along with the increasing fare indicates a need for an intervention before a monetary consequence is felt by the airline. This is a warning that an action should be taken to optimize capacity planning and dynamic pricing.

The action item could be different for various channels; for example, in SEM Marketing, it could mean increase bids on that route to capitalize on demand. For Content, it could mean push more Social Media content. The SEO channel could utilize actionable insights to create relevant SEO landing pages or prioritize technical SEO execution. Revenue Management could use the insights to compare them with their load factor data to strategize on route pricing.

Overall, this actionable dashboard provides unified analytics for internal teams to build transparency into decision-making, allocate marketing budgets to drive traffic, and get users to book flights.

How it Works

EveryMundo analyzes User Search Data from airline booking engines in real-time, using FareNet™, EveryMundo’s proprietary script. FareNet™ gives airlines the power to constantly update fares and trip information without the need for additional calls to the airline’s reservation system. Our highly effective technique collects search information such as route, flying dates, fare class, fares, and conversions, consolidating data across all interaction points to understand customer preferences and behavior.

These interaction points enable airlines to develop visualizations on the search and buying patterns of their customers and provides an opportunity to build creative and interactive solutions to understand trends in route popularity, booking rate, seasonality, and more. This facilitates airlines’ ability to develop business strategies to advance their products and pricing and to enhance the overall customer experience.

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