How to set a default airport per city

In cases where an airline has operations in more than one airport within the same city, it is possible to select the most popular airport as default in airTRFX pages. By doing this, the selected airport will be populated on the flight search panel of all template  pages and display the corresponding fare modules for that airport. Airlines can use this tool to promote their preferred airport. 

If the default airport by city is not set, the system will use the airport which has a higher search volume.

Before selecting preferred airports, the airline routes should already be uploaded on airTRFX control first. See our video on how to add routes to airTRFX Control for more information.


1. To configure a default airport once the list of routes is already uploaded, go to the Destinations Section and select Default Location by City

2. In this section you will see a list of cities in your route network. Go to the city that you want to configure and click on the drop down menu to see the list of available airports for that city. 

3. Select your preferred airport and click on Save