How to change the Header Menus on airTRFX pages

The Header Menu and Secondary Menu items are easy to change using airTRFX Control. In this video you will learn how to adjust the header of airTRFX pages by changing links, item captions, and adding or eliminating items.



  1. Log into airTRFX Control and go to Language Settings in the left side menu and click on Header & Footer 
  2. When you get to the page, download the excel file
  3. Open the file and you will see predefined columns to add a new item or modify the corresponding link for each of the site editions. Identify in the tabs the main menu or secondary menu, as well as the main items and subitems in the tabs and the columns.
  4. Make your edits and save the file
  5. Upload it on airTRFX Control to update your pages.