How to build a Custom Page and add airModules

Easily add custom pages to your website with airTRFX Control.Create these custom airTRFX pages for SEO, marketing campaigns and promotions and display your custom airModules with real-time fares. These pages can be used to permanently or temporarily promote routes, origins, destinations, or themed travel – like sporting events or eco tourism.

This video explains how to create a Custom Page and add an airModule to it that displays real-time fares from your route network.



Create a new Custom Page:

  1. Navigate to Custom pages and click New Custom Page
  2. Fill in the fields for your Custom Page:
    • The Custom Page name is internal and is used to remind you what the page is for
    • Add start and end dates for the page if you only want it to exist for a set period of time. If you set an end date for the page you will be prompted to add a redirect URL for where users should be sent to after the page expires. 
    • Add the page title, which is public facing, as well as the URL slug. The URL slug should contain the page keyword and use hyphens to separate words.
    • Destination generic image URL adds a background image of your choice behind the booking mask, if desired.
    • Title Tag and Meta Description use keywords to help describe your page to search engines
  3. Make your custom page active, indexed, and enable a background image if you choose. 
  4. Now that the page is created you can find it under your custom pages and easily edit it. 


Add a Custom Fare airModule to your new Custom Page: 

  1. Find your Custom Page on the list and click the icon for layout on the far right
  2. Filter your available airModules for the one you wish to add, then drag and drop it onto where you want it on your Custom Page and click save.