I am writing to share good news: EveryMundo has become an Amadeus partner. This collaboration will give airlines new capabilities to increase their traffic, enhance user experience and drive brand engagement across their digital channels – ultimately boosting their revenues. Airlines will be able to do this with our fare marketing platform, which they can implement quickly and easily, thanks to the native integration with Amadeus Instant Search.

What is fare marketing? It is the presentation of an airline’s live, dynamic, best-available fares across its website and in digital channels – before passengers start the booking process. Fare marketing technology ensures visitors to an airline’s website see targeted, relevant fares based on their individual travel intent, in full compliance with local regulations and travelers’ consent, thereby increasing confidence to book the flight. For the airline, this translates into more bookings, better engagement with its passengers and more revenues. 

After the challenging year the airline industry has experienced, driving sales is more critical than ever. As travelers begin to return and online searches for flights increase, airlines will need effective fare marketing strategies in place to ensure their best fares are shown to customers. Our collaboration with Amadeus will offer airlines an end-to-end fare marketing system with the latest technology, straight out of the box. This means the ability to create dedicated landing pages for every route, destination, origin, or combination, such as for certain attractions, events, or bank holiday weekends; a catalogue of fare-finder components, such as maps, histograms and calendars; and feeds to insert live, dynamic fares into any digital marketing ad or email.  

EveryMundo’s platform will make airlines’ complete offer more visible to travelers delivering them highly accurate fares, powered by Amadeus Instant Search, to significantly enhance their digital presence. 

With the support and collaboration with Amadeus, I am confident we will together empower airlines around the world to deliver real value, adding more capabilities along the way to help them drive continuous revenue growth as the industry looks ahead to recovery.

We look forward to working with more airlines as a result of this collaboration.


Seth Cassel

Co-Founder & President

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