Fares are the best direct marketing message, considering that the cost of travel is the greatest influence on leisure travelers when deciding when and where to fly. EveryMundo Fare Marketing displays using our suite of Search Engine Marketing products, airSEM™, enables the display of the lowest real-time fares available in different configurations and visualizations, helping users find the best fares while driving online traffic to the booking engine.

By automating the real-time insertion of fares in Display Dynamic Remarketing ads, EveryMundo combines personalization and relevancy of fares for shoppers in distinct stages of the purchase funnel by targeting different types of audiences like website visitors and prospective customers.

Display the Best Real-Time Fares in all Ad Copy

Our Dynamic Price Insertion technology, airDPI™, enables airlines to include dynamic fares in display ads. These fares are updated in real-time when a user performs a new flight search in the airline’s booking engine. Dynamic price insertion in ad copy provides the most competitive fare for a specific route the user searched for, in appropriate market currencies and formats, even before clicking on the ad. When the user clicks on the ad copy, the fare matches the fare on airTRFX® landing pages. This consistent pricing increases Conversion Rates ~20% with Cos ~7%, which for Display efforts is very competitive.

How does EveryMundo Dynamic Price Insertion (DPI) Technology work?

airDPI™ Workflow:

  1. Implement proprietary FareNet™ JavaScript code in the booking engine that captures the data the user sees in the Flights Results page.
  2. This data is stored in our proprietary database called DataCore™ which centralizes all data, including third-party data for further processing.
  3. Create fare logic to define which fares and currencies will be shown in the ad copy or extensions. This logic includes type of route (One-way vs. Round-trip), currency to display, and the time frame of the cheapest fare, as well as the expiration window for the fares.
  4. Through our airDPI™ interface, we create a business feed set up, and with our data hub endpoints we retrieve the cheapest fares to populate the business feeds.
  5. Once that data is sent we start listening to the data streams that sends the updates for each route in the business feeds.

Our ability to collect the most current fares via FareNet™ and then publish the updated fares into dynamic ad copy with airDPI™ in real-time ensures that customers are seeing the best available fare in ads, and can easily enter the booking engine via any ad placement. This drives qualified traffic to airline booking engines and improves direct channel sales.

Learn how to set up Dynamic Price Insertion to generate more traffic to your booking engine: [email protected]