How to change the layout of Template Pages in airTRFX Control

In this video you will learn how to change the order of the elements in Template airTRFX Pages.



1. Log into airTRFX Control, go to the Pages section and click Template Layout

2. From here, select the type of layout you would like to change from the dropdown menu

3. Available and Active airModules will appear.

Available airModules are the airModules you can place on pages.

Active airModules are the airModules currently on the page template you selected.

4. Click on the Active airModule that you would like to change, drag it up or down to the position you want. 

5. If you want to add a new airModule, drag it from the Available airModules column to the Active Modules and place it in the order that you want. 

6. Make sure the first three airModules are in the same position: Header Block, Front Component Booking Flights and Breadcrumbs so the conversion rate of the page is not affected. 

7. When you are finished, click save