How to build a Custom Fare airModule

EveryMundo makes it easy to create airModules that automatically display the lowest fares on any available routes. You can create airModules based on origin, destination, theme travel, and more! Once creates, airModules can be placed on your core website or on EveryMundo airTRFX pages. This video explains how to create a custom airModule that displays real-time fares of selected routes from your network.



  1. To create a new airModule log on to airTRFX control, go to the airModules section on the menu and click Custom Fare airModule. Once on that page, click the button for New Custom Fare airModule. 
  2. Fill in the fields to create your Custom Fare airModule. The airModule name and description are visible only internally. The title and the footer are visible to users. 
  3. The Site Edition determines where to place the airModule by language and market 
  4. Add the routes you want displayed in the airModule. You can choose to have any combination of routes going to and from regions, countries, states, cities or even specific airports. 
  5. Set the number of routes to be displayed in the airModule. 
  6. Select the date range. Choose a static date range if you want the fares visible until a set date has passed. Select a dynamic date range to display fares for a rolling number of days in the future, like the next 30 days. 
  7. Set how many days in advance you want the route displayed, and add the trip duration and price range.  
  8. Add blackout dates to only display these fares on certain days of the week, or times when the fare should not be available. 
  9. Enable a promo code to include in your marketing campaigns
  10. Activate the airModule when you are complete. If you would like this airModule available on your home page click available for home. 

Congratulations, you have created your airModule and can now place it on your pages!