How to add and remove routes from airTRFX Control

airTRFX Control makes it easy to add or remove routes individually, or at scale. To make changes to your network, simply update your route list CSV in airTRFX Control. Updating the route list CSV will automatically update your airTRFX pages and airModules to display the new route or eliminate fares displayed for the removed route. This video explains how to add routes and automatically display their real-time fares on airTRFX pages and within airModules.


If you have temporary or permanent changes to your route network, you can easily add or remove routes from your airTRFX Control route list. This will add or remove airTRFX pages and fares associated with the route on your website.

1. Login to airTRFX Control and click update routes to navigate to the Route Manager. From there you can download your current route list in CSV format.


2. To add the new route, you can either insert a new row or scroll down to the bottom of the list and add the new route.  In column ‘A’ enter your origin airport OR city code and in column ‘B’ enter your destination airport or city code.

Each route is one-way. If you want to generate a page for the reverse route, you should reverse the destination and origin airport or city code as an additional route. I am adding a route from Houston to Miami, and its reverse from Miami to Houston

To remove a route (or multiple routes), simply delete the row or rows where they are listed. In this example, I’m removing Chicago to LAX as well as the reverse route, LAX to Chicago.


3. After adding or deleting the routes, save the file and then upload it to airTRFX Control. Once you have uploaded the new route CSV, you will see a status count that will show if you’ve uploaded the routes correctly.


4.Click Missing Routes Count to confirm that the routes you removed are now listed as Missing.

For SEO best practices, you should 301 or 302 redirect the removed route pages. Use a 301 redirect for routes that are permanently removed, and use a 302 redirect if the route(s) are only temporarily removed. The system will ask you to confirm the setting.

Now the route or routes will no longer appear on any of your airTRFX pages or airModules, without negatively impacting your SEO.


5. Click New Routes to confirm the new route upload was successful, then go to settings and delete cache.

And That’s it! With airTRFX, it is easy to add and remove routes and manage the number of pages for your route network.