Product Roadmap

Our plan for continuous innovation

At PROS, we understand the volatility, complexity, and rapid shifts that define the landscape of the airline industry. Revenue management remains the pivot around which business strategies and growth objectives revolve.

This roadmap provides a transparent view of the latest features we have released and an exciting glimpse into the innovations that are in the pipeline. From best-in-class forecasting, pricing-centric approaches, to real-time accurate availability, our solutions are designed to maximize revenue, minimize manual intervention, and deliver proven incremental value to your business.

Stay tuned to our Product Roadmap for the latest updates on how we’re evolving our features. We remain committed to ensuring that you’re always a step ahead in this ever-changing market. Witness the transformation that industry-leading science and innovation can bring to your revenue management strategies.

Take a look at what we’ve recently launched:

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See what’s coming next:

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This information is shared to provide transparency on our current product plans and align development teams, but is subject to change at any time without notice. EveryMundo Product Management has made a best effort attempt to design a strategic and accurate product roadmap, but timelines and priorities may shift throughout the year. EveryMundo will inform our customers when features and new products will be ready for BETA release and licensing.