Portfolio of Search Engine Marketing tools

Launch, track and optimize your Search Engine Marketing campaigns to drive direct channel sales.


Portfolio of Search Engine Marketing tools

Launch, track and optimize your Search Engine Marketing campaigns to drive direct channel sales.

Increase brand visibility with our suite of Search Engine Marketing tools

Our suite of SEM tools enables brands to launch targeted campaigns and promotions with optimized bidding and dynamic prices, marketing in 30+ languages.

Best-in-class SEM technology includes


AI powered, efficiency-improving bidding strategies for paid search advertisements.

✓ Every every route and property are considered a unique product.

✓ Historic data factoring seasonality to make bidding decisions.

✓ Creates clusters of data by market, route, property, and device into different bid classifiers.

✓ Web search data and ticket price changes via FareNet are also considered to make decisions.

✓ Real-time and automated adjustments using Google API.

FareWire Search®

API of dynamic fares placed in search and dynamic retargeting ad copy.

✓ Include dynamic fares in search and retargeting ads for every route or property.

✓ Automated set up for dynamic business feeds via Google Ads API.

✓ Multi-channel integration with Google Search Ads, Bing Search Ads and dynamic retargeting.

✓ Relevant with airTRFX landing pages and airModules logics.

✓ Multi-currency formats, supported by market.

✓ Improved conversion rates and revenue per impression.


Airline-specific automated portfolio bidding.

✓ Advertise routes based on web sales and paid search performance.

✓ Strategic route decisions based on conversion analysis.

✓ Optimize budget and visibility of routes.

airPromo TM

Easily build, save, and schedule an unlimited number of promotions.

✓ Automation of business feed set up withroute specific promotion details through Google Ads API.

✓ Customization of promotional ad copy by filling in ad customizers with business feed data.

✓ Flexibility for fare-based or percentage-based promotions.

✓ Scheduling of unlimited number of promotions across markets and languages.


Automatic targeted SEM campaigns tailored for every market and language.

✓ Automated creation of new campaigns

✓ Scalable SEM management of Ads and Keyword libraries.

✓ Disciplined campaign structure that follows naming convention best practices.

✓ Segmented creation of Non-Brand campaigns for all routes and destinations

✓ Multilingual support in 30+ languages.

✓ Global dictionary of geographic locations including airport codes, cities, and countries, including synonyms and variations.

✓ Updated keyword library of best performing keyword patterns.

Get visibility on SEM performance with real-time dashboards

Automated daily updates and accessible at any time via Tableau.

Search engines supported

See how our customers have increased brand visibility and direct channel sales using airSEM

Improving conversion rates of Google dynamic remarketing campaign using real-time prices

Increasing SEM campaign revenue by more than 6x in 60 days

Increasing search ad click-through rate by displaying real-time prices

EveryMundo is recognized as a Google Premier Partner,
reserved for the top 3% of partners.