Engagement Services

Engagement Services

If Customer has licensed Engagement Services from EVERYMUNDO, EVERYMUNDO will manage updates on behalf of the Customer via airTRFX for current active languages licensed by Customer. Available services may differ according to the tier or Engagement Services licensed by Customer. The scope of these services includes:

  • Up to 10 new Custom Pages per month created by EVERYMUNDO. Custom pages will only be generated for languages currently licensed within airTRFX (each language constitutes a page).
    • Creation and updates on Custom pages created by EVERYMUNDO using assets supported by the airTRFX system and all available or licensed Fare airModules by the customer
    • Creative assistance for custom pages using the available library of assets supported by airTRFX Pages
    • Guide (instructions or links) on how to adjust the pages or custom assets purchased, if needed.
    • Migration to upper environments
    • Image hosting and optimization (all assets must be provided by customer)
  • Maintenance and updates of existing Custom Pages
  • Campaign setup using template assets
  • Campaign setup using customized assets
  • Custom asset and custom code troubleshooting for assets created by EVERYMUNDO
  • Unlimited product configuration support via airTRFX Control
    • Routes Management > Adding and deleting routes
    • Metadata > Changes to SEO titles and metadata
    • Labels > Adjustment to all labels
    • Images > Hosting, adding alt text
    • Destination Descriptions > Content updates (provided by customer – new location content is not included)
    • Location Aliases > Adjusting according to customer requested alias
    • Default Location by City > Adjusting according to customer’s indication
    • Standard Fare Modules > adjustments to modules enabled during implementation phase
    • Standard Fare Modules > Setup & Configuration of new modules according to customer request
    • Promotions > Setup and configuration with materials and instructions provided by customer – all assets and copy to be provided by customer
    • Template Content Overwrite > Adding content using template content overwrite – all assets and copy to be provided by customer
    • Pushing updates to upper environments
  • Custom assets built per month (in campaigns or custom pages)
  • Access to custom asset library
  • Access to best practices documentation
  • Access to leading strategies and latest search trends to create new custom pages

 For avoidance of doubt, Engagement Services scope of work does not include the following:

  • Ideation, edition or execution of any new or existing brand creative – all assets, icons and images need to be provided by customer ready to be hosted and implemented on airTRFX pages and custom assets
  • Ideation, edition, translations or creation of location content or any copy for any existing page or new promotional custom page – customer should provide all copy to be implemented to existing and new pages. Customer can purchase additional content or request translation services for provided content as per fees provided to Customer upon request.
  • Custom development outside the supported CSS libraries by airTRFX
  • Mock-up creation of new airTRFX pages – all changes will be executed in the Development environment and will be migrated to Production environment after customer approval
  • Incorporation of any new airModule outside those licensed by the customer or available by airTRFX
  • Execution of any work outside the airTRFX system and airTRFX Control
  • Custom Development outside airTRFX Control updates and execution. Any product and development that required engineering work and product code changes, will be scoped using the Change Request process described in Section 4.2.3.

 Engagement Services Delivery Methods

  • At any time throughout the Term, Customer may license Engagement Services through submission to Company of completed airTRFX Order Form in Appendix D.
  • Each request will be evaluated in scope and a revised timeline will be provided.
  • Execution of services will begin only after all requirements have been provided by the Customer and these have been mutually agreed between parties.
  • EVERYMUNDO, or certified service partners executing work on its behalf, may take up to 5 business days for the execution of the agreed scope, starting from the final definition of work, including customer approval of feasible scope presented by EVERYMUNDO
  • If a request requires additional development work or is outside the scope of work, the Customer will be notified via the Support Desk.
  • Changes requested after final delivery of service requests shall be considered as new requests.

Engagement Services Customer Responsibilities

    • Submit requests via EveryMundo Support Desk and communication methods defined by EVERYMUNDO.