airSEM Technology Product Description

airSEM includes EVERYMUNDO’s proprietary airline paid search marketing technology.  The list and features of the technology included with airSEM is the following:

airBLDR® – Account/Campaign Rebuilding and Structuring

  • Company to complete for Customer automated and scalable buildout of SEM campaigns with comprehensive keyword and language coverage
  • Granular campaign structure with proper labeling of accounts, campaigns and Ad Groups to improve tracking, analysis, and performance
  • Utilization of geo-targeting, device targeting, scheduling, and other targeting criteria for tailored ad copy, improved conversion, and overall optimization
  • Customer user access to airBLDR™ for ongoing build of SEM campaigns for new routes and markets
  • Access to modify and create new Ad Copy versions for existing campaigns

airWire® for Google Search Ads *

  • Dynamic Prices in Ads for Search Campaigns with prices updated in real time and powered by FareNet™
  • AdWords API activation & business feed creation
  • Prices displayed in appropriate market currency and format
  • Default Ad Copy if no price is available
  • Pricing matches relevant airTRFX® landing pages

routeOptimizer™ – Route/Network Optimization

  • Ensure relevance and importance of advertised routes for bidding and messaging leveraging the following:
    • Search in the internet booking engine (“IBE”)
    • Number of bookings per route
    • Flight duration
    • Number of connections
    • Route type (i.e., codeshare vs inter-line vs network)

airOptimizer® – Bid Management

  • Leverage airlines’ data in real-time to influence bidding strategy
  • Use portfolio bidding that goes beyond the traditional bidding strategy tools that only look at AdWords Data
  • Leverage numerous data sources for more relevant bidding decisions: Google Ads, Google Analytics overall web sales, FareNet™ and Business Intelligence Data

airPromo™ – Time-Sensitive Tactical Promotions Management

  • Manage and schedule multilingual promotions without affecting history of Ad Copies and Quality Score

airSEM Account Management Services

If Customer has licensed airSEM Products from EVERYMUNDO, EVERYMUNDO will manage all Customer Search Engine Marketing (“SEM”) accounts for all mutually agreed campaigns and web properties and across all search engines requested.

These SEM Services comprise the following:

Comprehensive Initial Diagnosis

  • Establish performance baseline, tracking capabilities and identify major areas for opportunity
  • Formulate account-wide initiatives
  • Deliver budget allocation recommendations
  • Define route, language and market coverage in SEM and expansion opportunities
  • Communicate strategic and tactical opportunities
  • Deliver a detailed analysis and set of actionable to-dos to improve channel performance above baseline

Quarterly Strategic Assessment and Plan

  • Revisit performance baseline and goals
  • Deliver route level conversion rate and seasonality analysis
  • Identify additional market opportunities
  • Follow up on status of tactical and strategic opportunities defines in the initial assessment
  • Define activities and to-dos for subsequent quarter based on strategic recommendations

Annual Executive Review

  • Deliver high-level, on-site performance review of SEM channel to key executives and stakeholders
  • Analyze cross-channel performance
  • Analyze SEM data across platforms
  • Deliver budget recommendations

Automated Reporting via Tableau®

  • Provide weekly and monthly reports in Tableau to ensure an accurate picture of SEM performance, including, but not limited to, the following:
    • Executive Summary
    • Weekly / Daily and Monthly account performance – segmented by campaign type Brand/Non-Brand/Hybrid Brand; markets (countries of advertising), languages, devices and networks (various search engines, search vs. display).
    • Destinations and Routes performance segmented by languages, markets and devices.

Keyword, Landing Page, and Ad Copy Optimization

  • Perform multilingual Search Query Analysis (using airSQR™) for keyword migration, exclusion of irrelevant traffic and overall keyword optimization.
  • Perform Ad Copy testing based on benchmark analysis, market, proving statistical significance using Bayesian calculators and A/B split test tools.
  • Manage updates and testing of airTRFX® landing page content.

Additional airSEM Services

  • Use of SEM management tools comprising airSEM®, EVERYMUNDO’s proprietary portfolio of SEM management tools, as listed above under “airSEM Technology Product Description”.
  • Unlimited Customer budget management and Customer account management by EVERYMUNDO.
  • Customer SEM resources hiring and training support.
  • Staff augmentation as required for specific activities.
  • Iterative experiments by EVERYMUNDO to constantly improve Customer account performance.
  • If Customer has also licensed airTRFX®, EVERYMUNDO will leverage airTRFX® to provide a consistent experience from the Customer’s ad copy to the airTRFX® landing page.

airSEM Customer Requirements

  • Customer to provide EVERYMUNDO with access to all SEM accounts and relevant web analytics accounts and reports.
  • Appoint a dedicated Customer Point of Contact to support all initiatives and ensure cooperation of Customer personnel as needed to execute activities.
  • Arrange meetings with technical leads (internal and key website and booking engine vendors) as needed to address tracking needs and other technical requirements for the Services.


  • airWire was previously known as FareWire.  All references to airWire shall be equally applicable to any prior contracts or Order Forms referring to FareWire.