airModules Product Description

Each airModule accessed by Customer comprises the design, features, characteristics, languages, markets, and use rights described in each airModules Order Form. Features and characteristics include the following:

airModules Product Features

  • Display of fares collected by FareNet or via Customer-provided supplemental fare feed.
  • Display of routes, dates, and fare collection timestamp.
  • Display of destination images.
  • Flexible settings to allow airlines to visualize fare and flight information consistent with their brand.
  • Device-responsive design.
  • Ability to generate code snippet for insertion of module into web page via Customer’s tag manager or via direct placement of code snippet onto Customer website.

airModules Product Integration

  • Design integration based on Customer-specific airTRFX settings.
  • Deep-linking integration with Customer’s IBE.
  • Placement of FareNet throughout the IBE.
  • Integration of airModules click and impression tracking with current website analytics.
  • Variable arrays for Origin and Destination selection within the booking engine search panel (where applicable) for route validation (as available).
  • Placement of Dynamic Module Loader (“DML”) JavaScript on all pages where modules will be loaded to enable Company to handle all client-side dependencies.

airModules Inherited Settings

The following settings and datasets for the airModule listed herein will be the same as the existing EVERYMUNDO Platform subscribed and configured for the Customer:

  • Airports Services
  • Deep Link Services
  • Trip types
  • Labels based on available languages currently licensed by the Customer
  • Business Rules
  • Look and feel as defined in personalized tokens of EVERYMUNDO’s Product Design System
  • Languages currently supported in Customer’s airTRFX Product

airModules Use Rights Definition

EVERYMUNDO will permit Customer to use each airModule on the webpage(s) listed in the associated airModules Order Form. Further details, including but not limited to, on-page location, fare display rules, and deep-linking rules shall be mutually agreed during implementation of the module.

airModules Customer Responsibilities

To implement each airModule, the Customer must either provide or have previously provided th following information to EVERYMUNDO:

  • Implementation of EVERYMUNDO-provided FareNet™ JavaScript code in Internet Booking Engine (“IBE”) and sufficient access to Customer tag manager.
  • Providing to EVERYMUNDO complete and accurate list of geographies (i.e., origins, destinations, or origin and destination pair) to be implemented in the Product.
    • Customer assumes all liability for approved content.
  • Provide Site Editions with Associated Countries and Booking Currencies.
  • Provide Flight Pricing Data Information.
  • Provide Flight Schedule Data Feed Information (if applicable).
  • Send Customer Style Guide