The airModule Builder enables users to quickly create customized airModules to place on airTRFX pages. Find the airModule Builder on the menu bar with you log into airTRFX Control. Set the routes, dates, travel class, trip type and more using the airModule Builder to create airModules to suit all of your marketing needs. 

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Within the airModule Builder you will be able to create both Dynamic Price airModules and Featured Price airModules. 

Menu Changes:

  • Dynamic Price airModules are replacing the Standard Fare Module.
  • Featured Price airModules are replacing the Promo Module

Once logged into airTRFX control, users can find both of these grouped under the new airModule Builder section of the menu. Both types of airModules display only selected routes and are customizable according to market, template, filters, travel class, journey type, trip duration, active and blackout days, and more.

Create a Dynamic Price airModule to display the best real-time prices for a set of selected routes. These fares are consistently updated with real-time fares based on user search data from your booking engine.

Use the Featured Price airModule to showcase special fares for flights that have a set promotional price. These fares to not change and are ideal for special promotional offers. 







Example of a Dynamic Price airModule:

Example of a Featured Price airModule: