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Supercharge marketing agility with the native airTRFX® CMS

airTRFX® includes a native airline-specific CMS that provides the marketing agility that is missing from other generic enterprise marketing platforms.

airTRX CMS and Landing Pages

Campaign scheduling, custom landing page creation, and promotions scheduling and management give airline marketing and eCommerce teams the power to quickly and easily execute marketing activities with the airTRFX® CMS.

airTRFX® CMS Functionality

  • Manage promotions, individually or in bulk
  • Create custom assets through integrated WYSIWYG
  • Auto-schedule campaign and custom page launch and end dates
  • Rapid creation and launch of custom pages
  • Edit page templates and pages, individually or in bulk
  • Edit content from each destination and/or route across site editions
  • URL builder to ensure consistent and accurate structure
  • Bulk uploads of content for faster deployment
  • Simple network management to add/delete/edit routes as your airline evolves
  • Sitemap generation

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