The airSEM tool that uses AI powered bidding strategies for paid search advertisements

Portfolio bidding strategies based on historical & forecasted performance

airOptimizer is an automated airline portfolio-bidding strategy algorithm.  It uses historical data from SEM performance, and forecasted data from FareNet script searches and price changes to make bidding decisions for every market, route, and device. airOptimizer calculates bids and adjusts them based on the Cost of Sale target.

Integrates with Airline BI Data

airOptimizer can access and integrate supplemental data from the airline as well as Google Ads data to make better bid decisions:

Predictive Models

Leverage R Studio to build route based predictive models and to deliver an automated optimization strategy.

Real-Time Data

FareNet data (real-time booking engine searches and ticket price changes), and Airline BI (e.g. load factor, capacity share, etc.).

Market / Route / Device

Create clusters of Market – Route – Device into different bid classifiers for targeted campaigns.

Google API Connection

Implement bid changes in Google Ads through Google Ads API.

Want to optimize your bidding strategies?

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