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High-Performance Marketing Technology Tools and Services for Airlines

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Years of expertise in the airline industry have led to the development of airSEMTM, our portfolio of high-performance airline search engine marketing tools and services for airlines.

Each of these tools help airlines optimize their digital marketing campaigns and drive conversion through all of their digital channels.


airOptimizerTMAutomated real time portfolio-bidding strategy airUVPTMDynamically generate new ad copy based on competitive and BI data
airIndexTMMarketing optimization based on real-time demand and priceairPromoTMBuild/Save/Schedule unlimited number of promotions
airBLDRTMRapid, comprehensive airline SEM campaign generation for all routes and languagesrouteOptimizerTMRoute matching using User Search Data
airDPITMPrices in real-time for Search and Remarketing Ad Copy to match landing pagesairSQRTMKeyword migration and new opportunities


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