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What you need pre-launch.

Now that you have decided to move forward with your airTRFX Fare Marketing Platform, we can dive into what’s next. This section is all about sharing key information with you on how to get airTRFX set up and what best practices to follow to ensure your success.

These tutorials will help you get airTRFX set up and customize to your pages. Choose to watch a full tutorial video, or click through to read a step-by-step guide. 

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To ensure you are fully informed on airTRFX functionality and apabilities, we recommend your team go through the airTRFX certification program. This certification teaches you all the basics of building pages and creating campaigns. 

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This section walks you through the implementation process and what we need to set up airTRFX. If you aren’t ready for implementation yet, you can still explore the process to familiarize yourself with what EveryMundo asks for. If you are ready for implementation click to get started!

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airTRFX Best Practices

More than 55 airlines around the world use airTRFX to manage over 21 million webpages. EveryMundo uses aggregated, anonymized page data to design optimize page design to drive conversions. Using the airTRFX Fare Marketing system, airlines can create a variety of pages on their websites where customers can initiate a flight search and enter the booking engine.

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