airTRFX®: Demo Pages

Live examples of a variety of airTRFX Template Pages and Custom Pages available to users.

Real life examples of airTRFX capabilities & customizations

Click on the tiles below to see images of actual airTRFX page implementations. Each example highlights a different page template or a page customization available. Click any individual image to see the live page in action in a new window.

airTRFX Standard Pages: Hub Page

airTRFX Standard Pages: To-City Page

airTRFX Standard Pages: To-City Page with Currency Change Based on Site Edition

airTRFX Standard Pages: Multibyte Character Languages Supported (including in the URL)

airTRFX Standard Pages: Left to Right alphabets supported

airTRFX Standard Page: City-to-City page with Histogram airModule to funnel additional traffic into the booking engine

EveryMundo Sample airTRFX Page: Showcasing a variety of airModule displays

airTRFX Custom Pages: Themed Travel (ex. Beaches)

airTRFX Custom Pages: Flights to a Region

airTRFX Custom Pages: Specific dates to market an event (Football Games)

airTRFX Custom Pages: Group destinations to market a theme (ex. Ecotourism)

airTRFX Custom Pages: Attraction Marketing + Design Flexibility

airTRFX API/Widget Integrations: Transcontinental product feature on select Origin & Destinations

airTRFX API/Widget Integrations: Third-party API Integration (ex. Hertz Rental Cars)

airTRFX API/Widget Integrations: Integration with the KLM Booking Widget

airTRFX API/Widget Integrations: Event-based API Integration

airTRFX Premium airModules: Home Page airModule for funnel re-entry & exploration

airTRFX Premium airModules: Fare-Finder standalone to drive intent to repurchase

airTRFX Premium airModules: Low Fare Map airModule

airTRFX Premium airModules: Economy/Business class airModule

airTRFX Premium airModules: Rewards Miles airModule

airTRFX Alternate Editions: Vacation Packages

airTRFX Alternate Editions: Airline Alliances

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