airTRFX Demo Pages

Live examples of a variety of airTRFX Template Pages and Custom Pages available to users.

Real examples of airTRFX pages

Click on the tiles below to see images of actual airTRFX pages from our customers. Each example highlights a different page template or a page customization available. Click any individual image to see the live page in action in a new window.

airTRFX Standard Pages: Hub Page

airTRFX Standard Pages: To-City Page

airTRFX Standard Pages: To-City Page with Currency Change Based on Site Edition

airTRFX Standard Pages: Multibyte Character Languages Supported (including in the URL)

airTRFX Standard Pages: Left to Right alphabets supported

airTRFX Standard Page: City-to-City page with Histogram airModule to funnel additional traffic into the booking engine

EveryMundo Sample airTRFX Page: Showcasing a variety of airModule displays

airTRFX Custom Pages: Themed Travel (ex. Beaches)

airTRFX Custom Pages: Flight Deals with Custom Pricing Widget

airTRFX Custom Pages: Weekend Deals

airTRFX Custom Pages: Flights to a Country

airTRFX Custom Pages: Flights to a Region

airTRFX Custom Pages: Discount Codes

airTRFX Custom Pages: Specific dates to market an event (Football Games)

airTRFX Custom Pages: Group destinations to market a theme (ex. Ecotourism)

airTRFX Custom Pages: New Routes

airTRFX Custom Pages: Connecting Flights

airTRFX Custom Pages: Promoting COVID-19 Flight Safety

airTRFX API/Widget Integrations: Transcontinental product feature on select Origin & Destinations

airTRFX API/Widget Integrations: Third-party API Integration (ex. Hertz Rental Cars)

airTRFX API/Widget Integrations: Event-based API Integration

airTRFX Premium airModules: Home Page airModule for funnel re-entry & exploration

airTRFX Premium airModules: Fare-Finder standalone to drive intent to repurchase

airTRFX Premium airModules: Low Fare Map airModule

airTRFX Premium airModules: Economy/Business class airModule

airTRFX Premium airModules: Rewards Miles airModule

airTRFX Alternate Editions: Vacation Packages

airTRFX Alternate Editions: Airline Alliances

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