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Performance marketing infrastructure for your airline’s marketing and eCommerce teams

airTRFX® Benefits

Agility with Campaign Management

  • Native CMS to manage pages at scale
  • Rapid Campaign creation using WYSIWYG editor
  • Quick Custom Page creation
  • Schedule promos and include blackout dates


  • Dynamic fare and flight data through FareNet™
  • Fully hosted using AWS
  • Built with Reactive Microservices, which means faster page load
  • SEO-friendly architecture improves SEO performance

Brand Visibility

  • Unlimited number of dynamic landing pages
  • Pages cover all languages and markets
  • System built on SEO foundation
  • Device-responsive design

24/7 Support

  • Phone and web-based support from anywhere in the world
  • Fast response to even the smallest issues or questions
  • Support staff with full technical expertise
  • Personalized service to address customer-specific issues

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