Join us for a digital conference September 20th – 24th, 2021 where we will cover topics essential to airline recovery post-crisis.



Whether you’ve already deployed fare marketing strategies, or if you aren’t sure where to begin, we’re delivering the tactics you need to drive customer acquisition and direct sales.

This interactive digital event will bring together global airline leaders to share tactics that will be valuable as we move closer to industry recovery after this challenging period. Additionally, you will be able to engage in product planning and learn about the tech that powers our fare marketing products.


Each day of the conference will include sessions from these four tracks:

1. Leading the Restart:
Airlines share restart tactics, results, and strategies helping them lead their recovery

2. Partner Spotlight:
Our partners join us to discuss how they’re helping airlines expand their fare marketing capabilities and customer acquisition

3. TOM Talks:
Experts in Tech, Operations, and Methods share their knowledge and the latest best practices in engineering, operational management, and product development

4. Product Hangouts:
Collaborate with EM product managers on new features and the next best-in-class travel products

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