(Last Updated On: September 17, 2019)

A case study in the effects of using airDPITM to create higher relevancy for search ads.



  • Copa Airlines wanted to increase the efficacy of their paid search campaigns in their domestic and international markets.
  • Copa Airlines paid search ads were suffering from low click-through-rates due to low quality scores.
  • Copa Airlines’ paid search ads were suffering from low average position.


  • Increased click-through rates in domestic and international markets
  • Increased conversion rates
  • Increased Revenue and Revenue/Visit
  • Improved Quality Score
  • Decreased CPC
  • Improved Average Ad Position

Our Goals

  • Link Copa Airline’s paid search ads in their domestic and international markets to the corresponding route’s lowest available fare. in real time
  • Inject Dynamic Prices into Copa Airline’s search ads using airDPITM
  • Ensure that dynamic prices in Copa’s ads match the lowest price available in their Booking Engine

What We Did

airDPITM Deployment

To reach Copa’s goals, we helped them to deploy airDPITM , EveryMundo’s dynamic price insertion solution.

By deploying our proprietary dynamic variables into their Google AdWords business feeds, we were able to display dynamic fares in their search ads.

Copa Airlines' Dynamic Search Ad

Copa Airlines’ Fly to Panama Search Ad, showing the lowest available fare in the Booking Engine ($405)

Copa Airlines had now achieved their goal of having a seamless and dynamic user experience which connected their ads to their Booking Engine, including matching dynamic fares throughout the flow.


Copa Airlines was now fully empowered to leverage dynamic pricing across their paid search campaigns, both domestically and internationally, and began to see results almost immediately.

Because of the increased relevance of Copa’s ads to the landing pages, the quality score increased.  This, in turn moved their ads up the search results page.

This positive change in average position resulted in Copa’s paid search ads experiencing uplift in click-through rates, conversion rates, overall revenue, and revenue per visit, while at the same time reducing their cost-per-click.