Flight Search Panel

Apply your business settings and rules to the Flight Search Panel

This section is usually reviewed and completed by eCommerce and/or Technical Liaison of airline’s website Flight Search Panel

Every Customer has different settings or rules which apply to the Flight Search Panel according to what works for their business. In order to replicate these settings on the airTRFX pages, the Customers will need to provide them.

Sample airline flight search panel

Example Flight Search Panel from Volaris

Some common considerations include:

  • How many months in advance can customers book?
  • Is there any restriction on how many days a passenger can book (maximum trip duration)?
  • Can customers book flights for TODAY? If not, how many days advance purchase are required?
  • How many total passengers can customers book?
  • Is the number of infants dependent on the number of adults?
  • Can children travel without an adult?
  • Are there different passenger types by cabin or route?
  • Are there disclaimers that should be shown on specific routes?
  • Are there additional options available based on a set of rules?
  • Do specific routes incur a set of blackout dates that a customer cannot book?

Implementation Sections: