Technical Requirements

To ensure the user’s search displays according to his/her selections, the airTRFX® deep-link must communicate with the Customer’s booking engine. Good documentation typically includes sample deep-links and parameters definition.

Note: It is important to note if there is a different deep-link for mobile.

What you’ll need for Deeplinking

Languages & Markets

A deep link will correspond to each language and market covered. If a customer has multiple IBE providers, it is critical to understand which languages and/or markets use which deep-link.

Point of Sale / Currency

To be able to ensure the deep-links are directing users to the proper currency in the IBE, EveryMundo will need to understand the currency logic. Most customers have either site edition/Point of Sale-based pricing OR the currency is based on Point of Origin. Deeplinks will allow the correct currency information to pass from airTRFX® to the customer’s IBE.

URL Parameters

The language/market and the description of the parameters used inside the URL is very important. This provides a definition of each possible URL parameter along with the preferred input format and any limitations.


EveryMundo needs documentation for any required deep-link parameters that may be used for tracking purposes.

Anatomy of a Deeplink: