Join us for a hands-on Fare Marketing Workshop.

Products. Not Projects. Conference 2020 will take place in Miami on Monday May 11th. From 9:30am-12:00pm we will host airline professionals from a variety of backgrounds for a hands-on training of the capabilities and applications of airTRFX Control.

Monday May 11th

9:30am – 12:00pm

EveryMundo HQ: 25 SE 2nd Ave. 9th Floor, Miami, 33131





Session1: Build Better Custom Pages

Practice building beautiful custom pages and get tips on anchor links, responsive images, videos, interlinking, reusable assets, and more.

Session 2: Launch Strategic Campaigns

Learn how you can leverage campaigns on the home template for promotions, and how to build campaigns for promotional offers and announcements.

Session 3: Improve your SEO

The latest information on how Google selects pages in 2020 and how to use SEO best practices improve your search results.

Session 4: Use Real-Time Fares Across your Channels

Match the fares across your marketing channels with your airTRFX pages using the FareWire API.