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Dynamic e-Commerce Tools


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airModules LogoBoost revenue-generating potential of any page within – or without – your website. 

airModulesTM deliver dynamic, conversion-oriented fare finding and flight search tools deployed on any web page with no IT involvement


Fill the Funnel

Transform any page into a flight booking page by adding a booking mask, flight offer list, or another of EveryMundo’s eye-catching booking modules – populated with real-time fare data.


airModules Image

Purposeful Engagement

Modules are interactive and engaging, serving the key goals of enticing users to browse flight offers, select inventory, and enter the booking process.


Why co-brand when you can co-sell?

Deploy airModules on partner websites and deliver pre-qualified traffic direct to your own booking engine.




Powered by FareNet:

airModules feature dynamic fare and flight information powered by EveryMundo’s proprietary technology, FareNet™.


24/7 Client Support

Available by phone, email, and online service desk.  If a question arises, we’ve got you covered.


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